Missing in Action

I apologize for being away. The holidays took over my life for the past month, and today was the first day that I was able to bring my camera out for some photos. Here in New Jersey we had an “Alberta Clipper” storm, bringing with it a light coating of snow. The temperatures have dropped considerably, and the next few days will be quite cold. I took advantage of the snow for a few pictures around the back yard.

It’s That Time of Year

Here it is, December, once again. It’s always a busy time of year, and because of the holidays it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Why is it that your family can stress one more than anything else in your life?

Well, this blog isn’t really here to try to figure out the philosophical questions of life, nor is it to be a psychological analysis. Instead, I am trying to focus on the beauty of the season, so for your viewing pleasure I have pictures of one of the holly bushes in front of my house. This picture was actually taken in early November. There are no more berries on my bushes because the deer have already stripped them! Oh well, they were pretty while they lasted!

Holly 1

Holly 2

Getting My Ducks in a Row

The past two days have been very busy. Being December, it is what I like to call “Concert Season”. I play the euphonium in a community band, and I work part time as the assistant to the band director at a private school. The school’s band concert is next week, and the community band starts its holiday concert series this weekend. It makes for a very busy month!

One thing that I have learned about December over the years – I have to stay very organized and try to get as much done as early in the month as I can. So, getting my ducks in a row is kind of a good motto for the month. Here is a photo to go along with my thought of the day.



I find myself feeling very unsure today. My daughter had a job interview that she’s really hoping will work out, but it was very short. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I had a rehearsal tonight that should have been easy (the dress rehearsal before the weekend’s concerts), but the conductor still doesn’t know the music himself. That causes problems when the time signature keeps changing. If the conductor isn’t sure of the beat he gives the band, the band can’t stay together.

I didn’t have time to go out to take some new pictures, so I went into my “archives” for this picture to match my mood for the day.

seafoamNot even the water is sure of what it wants to do here. The foam almost seems random. However, underneath it all, there is still the rock that remains sturdy despite the pressures that the water keeps throwing at it. Hopefully, I can be the rock here against the random uncertainty that keeps throwing itself at me.


Ever since I can remember, I have loved to watch birds. My grandmother taught me how to identify many of the birds on Long Island, New York, but now that I spend a lot of time in Massachusetts I have been seeing a lot of birds that I am unfamiliar with.

Yesterday I had a few minutes to take some pictures of some birds at Phinney’s Harbor. The gulls were flying above the water, no doubt looking for some fish.

Gulls 1Of course, there were many of the standard Canada Geese.

Then there were some geese that I was unfamiliar with. A quick search on the internet and I have learned that these are Brant geese. I love the coloring of white against the black and their short bills are so cute!

Photo101 Wrapup

What have been my favorite pictures that I have posted to my blog for Photo101? That’s a tough question. I’ve tried to select pictures that I personally like, although I have to admit that there are quite a few that I am not particularly proud of (especially some of the experimental pictures that don’t really have a lot of feeling behind them). What I will share with you are my favorite pictures from the Photo101 topics of the day.

I hope that you enjoy my photos and that you’ll keep looking and commenting. I’ll learn the best from your comments as I continue to take pictures as I go along day by day.


Today is the final day of Photo101.  Thank you to the moderators who came up with our topics for the month. It’s been interesting, and I hope that there will be other “classes” that I can be a part of.

The topic of the day is triumph. My choice for a picture today is the sunset tonight over Phinney’s Harbor. I love how the sun is peeking out from under the clouds, making the edges of the clouds seem as though they are on fire. This month has been inspiring to me, and I hope that people will continue to enjoy my pictures. I still have a lot to learn, but I hope my photos will only get better over time.



Well, with yesterday being Thanksgiving, my time was quite short. I decided to take this picture as sort of a joke. This was about all the food that I should have eaten for the day, in my never ending quest to lose weight (yes, I know, and I do eat more!), but these little cherry tomatoes just seemed to call out to me to have their picture taken.


It’s a minimalist picture, for sure!

I wanted to see how to use the rotation tools as well, so here is the same picture rotated.


Well, that’s interesting. I think I like the original better.

I was able to get a more interesting picture for the theme today. This one is calmer. I think that having the calm after the storm of the holiday is a good thing.



Today was a crazier day than I expected. It was supposed to be an afternoon taking my daughter into New York City for a job interview, helping her find her way in a city that is completely unfamiliar to her. It ended up with a morning with a car in the shop replacing a flat tire, and then the trip into New York.

I had a little bit of time to take some pictures, so I thought that for my glass project I would take some pictures of an antique oil lamp that I found in my mother’s basement. I love the richness of the red glass.

When I got into the city, I was kind of sorry that I didn’t bring my good camera with me. As we were on our way out of the city, I decided to take a few pictures on my cell phone of windows through the window of our minivan. Not necessarily great photos, but they are kind of interesting. I especially liked getting some of the yellow cabs in the pictures.